Dawson Christmas Party

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The time of year again where we all get into the joyous holiday spirit.   I was at my work Christmas party now politically correctly renamed to the holiday party.  Right, just an excuse to get together have a few beers and enjoy the food and music.  I snapped this image as the fog machine fogged the room and the disco ball streamed its glowing rays.  Enjoy!


A Walk Around Rosemont

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Last Sunday, I didn’t have any wedding planning to do or anything else for that matter, so I decided to grab all the soda pop cans and get the refund and then take a walk in my neighborhood and see what interesting stuff I can find.


A Learning Moment

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I don’t think I was cut out to do interior real estate photography.  I tell you, not as easy as it looks on the websites and in the magazines.  I had the opportunity to shoot a brand spanking new condo still under-construction and a condo up for sale.  The shadows were everywhere, and the closet was a nightmare.  LOL.  Maybe after I really read up on this form of photography I know somewhat more of what I’m doing.  Anyways, here are some results.


Playing with Light

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I took a workshop at Dawson College.  We learned about light and portraiture.  We played with hot lights which were really hot and studio strobes.  It was a good class.  Here are some of the shots I took of the person I ended up photographing most of the day.